Sheep With Wedding Ring Rdr2

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After arthur morgan or john marston gives him a bottle of whiskey he will tell the player about the mystery of fort riggs and that he was a soldier that was stationed there. You cannot skin it and there was a gold wedding ring lying beside it in the mud.

Found A Dude That Married A Sheep Fucked It And Passed Out You Can Find The Wedding Ring On The Sheep It S West Of Emerald Ranch On A Little Farm In A

Killing the sheep will result in a loss of honor.

Sheep with wedding ring rdr2. Showcasing where to find a merino sheep with a gold wedding ring primeraespada91 rdr2. Either that or it was the bride. He started on me so i hogtied him throwing knifed his face then shot his sheep.

Big valley northwest areas cumberland forest. Featuring bow s minimum and max stats compatible customization more. You can get a gold wedding ring upon examining the dead sheep.

If you played the first red dead redemption you have. Sheep with pink bow. The native american ring is an item found in red dead redemption 2.

I just don t have any more information than that. I accidentally ran it over with my horse. I saw it running by so naturally i took it out.

This thread is archived. Published by at 15 settembre 2020. I found a camp near the oil place where a guy was sat with his sheep.

An ornate ring of native american origin. Reddit community for discussing and sharing content relating to red dead redemption 2 red dead online. It can be obtained after a random encounter with a drunken man sitting at a fireplace.

Once i found out it was a part of a wedding i headed in the direction it was going and didn t find anything so i went the opposite direction for the same reason. You cannot skin it and there was a gold wedding ring lying beside it in the mud. Has anybody come across this black sheep.

When i picked the sheep up i acquired a wedding ring. I believe it to be the ring bearer for a wedding. 127k members in the rdr2 community.

We have the latest red dead redemption 2 news the biggest forums and have the largest collection of rdr2 guides anywhere. I assumed it was a ring bearer at a wedding. About the same experience only i had the one playthrough.

The sheep can be seen travelling alone. 1 point 1 year ago. The same sheep can be found dead in a pen in guthrie farm next to a half naked human corpse.

The player cannot skin the sheep but they can loot a golden wedding ring from it. The sheep has a bow round it s neck. It gives you negative honour for killing it and from what i ve read has a gold ring on it.

Rdr2 merino sheep with bow.

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