Flushed Wedding Ring Down Toilet

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Whether it was a slightly distracted husband or a curious child the best thing to do right now is relax and stay calm. A new jersey woman has her wedding ring back nine years after she accidentally flushed it down her toilet.

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While a toilet often seems to clog for very little reason even with an s trap a ring is hardly any match for the rush flow of water.

Flushed wedding ring down toilet. So if a family member or guest comes to you and says i flushed my ring down the toilet keep a positive attitude and hope for a miracle. You or someone with the tools can pull the toilet hoping perhaps that the ring caught in the wax ring then replace that and the toilet but i think you ring is by now far along the plumbing chain. Ted gogol the public works department crew chief told her no.

A plumbing snake is a metal cable that can fit inside the toilet drain. Another unfortunate scenario is accidentally flushing your wedding ring down the toilet. Unbolt the toilet from the floor flange.

After removing the toilet you may find the ring lodged inside the p trap or stuck in the waste opening. Paula stanton s wedding ring was recovered nine years after she accidentally flushed it down the toilet. Paula stanton 60 was sure the diamond encrusted gold ring was lost forever after she.

Your ring may still be in there or there s another way to restore your jewelry. Rings fall down toilets but not all is lost. We re talking about engagements rings earrings pendants and any other piece of jewelry which can accidentally be flushed down the toilet it may sound like a bad joke or the premise of a corny tv show but people often remove their jewelry when washing up before bed and rings can sometimes become loose and decide to slip off of one s finger at exactly the wrong time.

A new jersey woman thought her diamond wedding ring was lost forever when she accidentally flushed it down the toilet nine years ago. Try to retrieve it manually. Sometimes it will just stay in the back of the drain and you.

Recovering a ring flushed down the toilet has your wedding ring or other piece of jewelry met the unfortunate fate of being flushed down the toilet. Shake the toilet and see if the ring slides into view. But the scenario isn t hopeless.

Follow these 9 steps to learn what to do when a ring falls down the toilet. A plumber may be able to retrieve the ring with a plumbing snake. When your wedding ring gets flushed down the toilet.

What to do when your ring falls down the toilet 1. Then with someone helping you i would tip the toilet forward so the tank is high and the front of the bowl is low. Empty all water from the bowl and the tank.

That s not true for a p trap toilet seal because toilets actually generate suction when they re flushed.

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